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Voice Acting

Who have I studied with?

・Aaron Drown - Disney Casting

・Andrea Toyias - Blizzard Casting 
・Bill Holmes - Voice Acting

・Bob Bergen - Character Voice Acting

​・Chris Faiella - Video Game Voice Acting 

・Dave Fennoy - Video Game Voice Acting

・Eliza Jane Schneider - Accent & Dialect Masterclass

・Eliza Jane Schneider - Character Voice Acting

・Erin Fitzgerald - Character Voice Acting

・Ezra Weiss - Dubbing & ADR 

・Jason Linere White - Dubbing & ADR 

・Kal-El Bogdanove - Video Game Character Acting/Mocap

・Kristin Paiva - Disney Casting

・Mami Okada - Anime/Dubbing

・Mary Lynn Wissner - Commercial Casting

・Melissa Grillo - Animation and Video Game Casting 

・Michael Orenstein - Voice Acting

・Ned Lott - Character Voice Acting for Feature Animation
・Ned Lott - Dubbing & ADR

・Noshir Dalal - Performance Capture

・Richard Horvitz - Voice Acting Masterclass

・Sara Sherman - Character Voice Acting

・Shane Salk - Script Analysis Masterclass

・Tim Friedlander - Voice Acting 

・Tish Hicks - Character & Video Game Voice Acting

・Trine C Jensen - Face Capture & Video Game Voice Acting

・Zach Betka - Riot Games Casting Director

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