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Daniel Singer


VoiceOver Demos

Motion Capture Reel

Commercial Demo
Japanese Commercial Demo

About Daniel

Daniel grew up in Seattle, Wa where he was exposed to Japanese at an early age. Growing up around the language and culture, he ultimately moved to Japan for university, work, and family. 

After learning voice acting in Japan, Daniel moved to Burbank, Ca to learn from and network with the best in the voice over industry. 

Daniel is still pushing hard to hone and polish his craft by taking classes and constantly networking and workshopping with other industry professionals. 

Daniel brings a plethora of experience from various backgrounds to his acting, and maintains a business ethic that is just as strong. 

At the end of the day, Daniel likes to kick it and relax with his hobbies. After a particularly harsh life lesson reminded him about the fragility of life, he now spends his time helping others and creating.
Because isn't that what life is all about =D

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